The Young Entrepreneurs Series Episode 1

Drake’s music these days isn’t great for much but his past music makes for some great points. One lyric that always sticks with me. “Get your team in order, assembly is KEY.” I’ll explain why.

I have a very dynamic group of friends filled with vast personalities, ideas, and viewpoints. My group is just eclectic. We range from stylist’s, business majors, photographers, political science majors, singers, graphic artist, models, journalist, english majors, science majors, designers…I think you get the point.

What loops us together is that each of us has accepted that while we like our degree program it may not DIRECTLY lead us to where we want to be. Therefore our career paths are probably going to look a little something like a New York City Subway map as we work to reach our own unique goals and for some reason, we take great pleasure in that.

Quite frankly you have to in order to stay sane and not let the stress of not knowing what’s next after you graduate overtake you. What also makes this ride so much more enjoyable is we’re all on it together and craziness is just so much better with people who you love and care about!

What I admire about my friends is the fact that we’ve never let the limitations of attending a university in the Midwest and not being afforded the same opportunities as someone attending a fashion school in N.Y.C, San Francisco, L.A. and so on, halt us. If anything its driven us to pull together our given skills and abilities and work to ensure not only our own individual success but everyone else in the group as well by paying it forward with everything we’ve learned.

So, I decided to create a weekly series entitled, The Young Entrepreneurs, growing where you’re planted. The series will feature individuals who best exemplify this concept. Because despite your circumstances there are always opportunities around you to take advantage of and if there aren’t any, you have the ability to create them.

So without further ado, I present to you the first feature in The Young Entrepreneurs series my good friend Dre Wright.

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